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Seacliff, CA Real Estate
Seacliff overlook

South of Capitola, the Seacliff neighborhood centers around Seacliff State Beach, one of the most popular vacation spots in the county.

Beachfront residences and ocean bluff homes overlook miles of broad sandy expanse and enjoy panoramic views of the Monterey Bay. The area also offers quaint houses with a distinct retro feel, reminiscent of the beach towns that dotted the coast in the sixties. All Seacliff real estate is characterized by its short walk to the beach.

Seacliff, CA Real Estate
Aptos Cement Ship hull

Seacliff is also home to the Seacliff State Beach, which features the remains of the SS Palo Alto, known to locals as The Cement Ship. Launched May 29, 1919, the SS Palo Alto was too late for duty in WW I. She was brought to the area as a tourist attraction in 1930 and was beached as an amusement boat with a swimming pool and dance floor. She was closed two years later where she remains today. Aged by the ocean and fenced off, it provides a tranquil home for sea lions cormorants and gulls, as well as a focal point that breaks up the otherwise smooth coastline of this Santa Cruz beach.

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