Amazing Santa Cruz Real Estate for Sale | Llamas and 147 Acres

If you’re looking to purchase a new house or if you simply want to enhance and improve your current home, then you must definitely take a look at the Santa Cruz real estate listed below. The following property is part of a national listing and it was chosen house of the day because of its storyline, market and design.

The mansion is located in Santa Cruz, California and is currently owned by Lauren and Austin Williams. They’re in their 40s and they bought the amazing estate for more than $5.50 million. The assessor’s office declared that this property measures no less than 147 acres, so it’s the perfect place for those who love wide open spaces. Austin Williams has been searching for months for the perfect house in California and saw this mansion in 2000. At that moment it was inhabited by another family, but in 2005 it was on sale. Mr. Williams did not hesitate and bought it right away.

However, the sale had one little quirk. The ranch was surrounded by free-roaming llamas and the previous owners were extremely fond of these animals. So, Mr. Williams said that the llamas will remain on the property to live and roam peacefully. A few years ago, the property featured almost 200 llamas. Nowadays, there are less animals, mainly because of adoption and age. The current owner declares that lately he only saw 4 or 5 llamas around the ranch.

The llamas aren’t the only attraction on the property. The house itself is a real beauty. It measures 5,000 square feet and it dates from the 50s. Still, in the 1980s, the house was renovated and the interior design was seriously improved. Lauren and Austin Williams have carried out their own restorations that lasted approximately 5 years. They tried to restore the original features in the outbuildings and in the home. The renovations cost $7 million. Now, the house reminds of its original design. It only has new windows and the staircase was reconfigured to add more space. The owner restored the primary stone fireplace and removed the indoor grill dating from the 80s. He declared that it was fun and exciting to try to find solutions for all the design problems.

This piece of Santa Cruz real estate has an extraordinary view, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a redwoods forest. The kitchen offers an amazing panorama and it was updated with walnut flooring and limestone countertops. The property also includes a caretaker’s cottage that measures 800 square feet. This is the first building that was renovated. It features a kitchen and a bedroom.

Mr. Williams said that he is specialized in tech industry. Thus, he was hands-on during the renovation procedure. He mentioned that he even learned how to work with a chainsaw. The barn included on the property was renovated with locally-sourced materials. So, it seems that everything was somehow “home-made”. The couple also reshaped and renovated the existing pool. Now it has a rectangular shape and it’s more functional for the automatic retractable covering. Currently, the house is for sale, listed at $15.5 million.

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