Tips for Selling your Santa Cruz County Home

I have shown hundreds of houses for sale in Santa Cruz County, and I am constantly surprised by sellers that have either not been coached, or don’t care how their home appears to buyers. You are selling your home, a very important asset, and much of what you do and how you present your home directly affects how much money you will realize from your sale. Here are the best suggestions I have for anyone selling their home:


“De-clutter” is a popular saying in real estate, but it doesn’t seem to be a popular methodology. Get rid of anything that would constitute “clutter” in your home. Items that are sitting somewhere for the sake of having to be somewhere – put them away. Hide them. Some of the most popular areas for clutter are kitchen counters (appliances), computer areas and fridges. You want a prospective buyer to see things as large as possible, so showing all the available counter space in a kitchen without 9 different appliances sitting on it is very important.


Seems a little obvious? So many home sellers overlook this. You shouldn’t have dishes in the sink, full and smelly garbage, dirty floors, toothpaste stains in the sink, and my all-time favorite….glass shower doors that are caked with water deposits. Prior to listing your home, you need to give it an overhaul. Everything should be spotless. The tough part? Maintaining it. But it needs to be clean through the duration of your listing.


Buyers do not want you present during their showing. It is uncomfortable for buyers to speak openly with each other and with their Santa Cruz Real Estate Agent and Realtor if you are listening in. As a seller, you want to provided the most “inviting” atmosphere possible, and this does not include you being around when the buyer is critiquing your home.


I have yet to meet a client that didn’t appreciate sunshine and natural light. Help buyers see the natural light your home offers without them having to walk around and open all the blinds themselves. You will also want to have the lights on for any showings coming through, and any fireplaces you might have. This is much more important on a dark and dreary day, or at night, but I would recommend having this done for daytime showings as well. Show buyers how well your home lights up.


This is #5 on my list, but #1 in terms of its importance. The market is going to tell you a story. You will either have no showing, a trickle of showings, or a good steady stream of traffic. The amount of people through your home is a great indicator of where you are positioned in your market, and you should discuss this with your Santa Cruz County Real Estate Agent and Realtor. I ask for feedback from other Real Estate Agents after their showings, and on occasion, we receive some really great feedback on what others thought about the property. The feedback my be about the price, or a suggestion on something do be done to the property. The market is going to tell you a story. Listen to the market and adjust accordingly.

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