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Consider Future Santa Cruz Buyers

Are you selling your Santa Cruz home? Ideally, homeowners would like to buy a house that not only fits their needs, but is also easy to sell to future Santa Cruz buyers.  You may ask yourself, is that possible? While you may be getting messages from the housing industry that those two things are mutually exclusive, they are, in fact, not.  It is possible to have the home of your dreams that is not just like every other house on the market that will be appealing to buyers when it comes time to sell.  So how do you have a home that you like, without being stuck with it for the rest of your life?


Be True to What You Want and Don’t Want

Do you have a large family that needs several bathrooms?  Are you recently retired and would therefore like more space for entertaining?  Do you need a mudroom for your dogs, a dedicated laundry room or a walk-in pantry in your home?

What about what you don’t need?  Is a dining room important to you?  How about a formal living room?  Do you really need that downstairs half-bath?

Chances are, you aren’t the only one out there who desires–or doesn’t need–those same things.  Many buyers don’t want cookie-cutter homes that look the same as every other one on the block.  By staying true to your needs you’ll create a custom home that not only suits you, but will likely be appealing to other buyers down the road.  Put thoughts aside about what you think other people might want later on, and focus on the home you want.

Where to Find Inspiration

If you’re looking for ideas in books and on websites that are created by home improvement stores, you probably won’t find ideas that appeal to your unique tastes.  These sources are simply using the same basic plans again and again.

Instead, look for inspiration in different places, and don’t be afraid to combine ideas.  There are many websites and design magazines on the market that offer unique takes on classic models.  While you may not find exactly what you are looking for, you can cobble ideas together from different sources to create exactly what you want. Two great websites for unconventional takes on interior design and architecture are and The Orton Daily.

Take a Look Around

Once you see that there are all sorts of places out there where you can find inspiration, you’ll start to notice that there are many interesting and unique Santa Cruz homes that are not only appealing to many people, but will retain their value and appeal to future Santa Cruz buyers.

You don’t have to settle for a home design that looks just like all the others.  You can have a home that stands out in the crowd and offers unique features that will not only cater to your family’s needs, but you’ll find down the road that when it comes time to sell, there are other families out there who appreciate those same special features.

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