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Let’s Be Green! 

After years of sending paper versions of Comparative Market Analysis Reports (CMA’s) out to the community, we have implemented a new service called Market Snapshot.  We are excited about the opportunities it provides because it gives YOU the control to review instant up-to-date reports when you please.  The first step is to simply input general details about your home and letting the system know when you want the report link emailed to you (usually monthly) and that is it.  Review an amazing amount of details that relate to your investment.

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If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We are giving you control but our focus on customer service remains our top priority.

When the market is right for you to move, contact us to set up a no obligation, private consultation to let us show you how we can put our proven marketing and sales strategy to work for you.

Thinking about buying in a certain area and want to watch activities?  This service works for you too!

The market continues to improve! If you’re a homeowner and you’re curious about your home’s new value, give me a call (831) 477-5815. I’d be happy to give you today’s value for your home. I’m Hyko Roppel and I’m here to help!

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