Protecting Your Santa Cruz Home From Winter Storms

Protecting Your Santa Cruz Home From Winter Storms | Serving Santa Cruz CountyJust because Santa Cruz County residents don’t have to worry about snow, doesn’t mean that we don’t need to prepare our homes for winter weather. Cooling weather trends bring with them rain and wind and can also result in damage to your Santa Cruz home.

Now’s the time to consider making needed preparations to your home, from roof repairs and securing insulation to cleaning the rain gutters and inspecting your chimney to make sure your home is safe to weather the storms.

Cleaning your rain gutters can do a lot to help your entire home, by protecting windows, doors, siding and even your home’s foundation from too much concentrated moisture. Clearing your gutters of leaves and other objects requires the use of a ladder, so if you are afraid of heights or cautious about your abilities, you may consider hiring a handyman to complete this task. For those of you who enjoy the adventure of home repairs, however, clearing your gutters can be relatively easy if you follow the tips below.

  • Use a safe and solid ladder to reach your gutters. Move the ladder frequently for your safety, rather than trying to stretch to reach far areas.
  • Wear protective gear, such as goggles and work gloves—you never know what you’ll find up there!
  • Use the right tools. A small hand shovel (even a plastic sand shovel) and bucket or disposable bag should be sufficient. You can also use a scrub brush as needed.
  • Test it out. Once the gutter is clear, use your garden hose to have a practice storm and track the flow of water racing through your cleaned rain gutter.
  • If all is well, your work is complete. If not, look closely at your drain pipes to make sure they are not clogged, as well, or evaluate is your gutter slope needs to be adjusted.

Clearing your rain gutters should be done at least once a year, depending on where your home is located. If you find your gutters require care more often, you may want to consider purchasing covers for them.


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