Scotts Valley, CA – History and Facts

Located in Santa Cruz California, Scotts Valley is about 26 miles south of San Jose and nearly 46 miles north of Monterey Bay. With a population of 11,580 in 2010, the city’s main access point is provided by Route 17 that links San Jose to Santa Cruz. Over 10,000 years ago Paleo Indians lived near the shores of Scotts Valley’s lake.  Many location in the areas along the watercourses are prehistoric cultural resources, or have historical and archaeological sites.

Scotts Valley was named after Hiram Scott, because he purchased Rancho San Agustin, which also included the valley. A former owner of the area was Jose Bolcoff, who was the first European and original settler to claim title and reside in what we call today Scotts Valley. In 1853, Hiram Scott decided to build in Scotts Valley, the Greek revival style Scott House, which is a milestone of Santa Cruz and a county historical trust attraction.  After a couple of years, in the 1840s the city started to make serious money from several big industries: grain milling, lumber, and probably the most important the working of leather and tanning of hides.

An interesting fast about Scotts Valley is that during 1940 and 1972, the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock lived there. He used to own a beautiful estate up in the mountains. In 1990 clear proof showcased that Scotts Valley was improving economically due to the Redevelopment Area of Skypark Airport and Santa’s Village. At this point, numerous high tech businesses are positioned in the city such as E-mu Systems, Seagate Technology’s headquarters, and Sessions, a famous enterprise that manufactures winter clothing. Another interesting fact about Scotts Valley is the Netflix’s first headquarters was there.

For years, the city was just a stopping route where tourists used to rest and admire the beautiful mountains. Now, Scotts Valley is an amazing town with a fast-growing economy and some excellent places of interest. In the early 20th century, the town developed a gorgeous recreational area called The Beverly Gardens. They feature a wide variety of animals and exotic birds, several cabins for complete rejuvenation, and a restaurant where families and couples can hang out and have a good time.

Scotts Valley is additionally really close to Henry Cowell Redwoods Park, Big Basin Redwoods Park, and Roaring Camp Railroads. On the south side of the town, you’ll come across Santa Cruz, and if you really want to have tons of fun there, it’s important to know that there’s a huge skateboard park nearby.

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